Wingman is a Gyborgia member with 250 Damage

Story Edit


"The view is better from the sky."

Hans Müller from Germany, joined Gyborgia because he wanted to fight for the world, but didn't like the policies of Blirfwatch. As a child he always dreamed of flying.

Abilities Edit

Cannon Bullets (Primary) Edit

Wingman shoots cannonballs that go from his two wings, shooting in total 4 bullets. They are very bad at a close range, but they start going closer after a while and then will be more effective.

Fly (Passive) Edit

Wingman can fly. After being in air for too long he will run out of fuel. If Wingman is high up and runs out of fuel completely, he will start falling down to the ground and explode dealing area damage but also a lot of damage to himself.

Force (Ability 1) Edit

Wingman shoots 3 waves of strong air that will push back enemies.

Cutting Flight (Ability 2) Edit

Wingman flies forward in an extreme speed and deals damage to everything within the flights area. This ability is hard to deal damage with but is good as mobility as well.

Ideal Bomb (Ability 3) Edit

Wingman creates a bomb that then falls down to the ground and explodes.