William is a damage hero with 200 HP, and does Sniper Damage.

Story Edit


"Never hesitate, follow your instincts."

William Svensson is Julias brother. He is 25, and lost his eye in the Grand Battle. He was always talented in Sniping, and was one of the founding members to Blirfwatch.

Personality Edit

He is quite serious, but has some silly sides.

Abilities Edit

Patched SMG (Primary 1) Edit

William has 2 primary fires in one gun. William uses his SMG and shoots a lot of bullets, doing smaller damage but in a close range can deal loads of damage in a longer time. This is quite a weak ability, as the William is suposed to be sniping.

Tactical Sniper (Primary 2) Edit

William can zoom in, look around and shoot bullets with a very slow firerate, but deals huge headshot damage. This is considered his best primary and makes him stand out.

Healing Headshot (Passive) Edit

When William headshots somone he heals 10 HP of himself. Wether he kills somone or not.

Sensation (Ability 1) Edit

William gets a personal X-RAY effect for one second. This means that it will only help him locate his closeby enemies, but not track them.

Lunge (Ability 2) Edit

William jumps up to an edge of a building. Note that you cannot jump around with this ability, you have to look at a wall for it to trigger.

Sticky Trap (Ability 3) Edit

William throws a trap on the ground that is hard to spot. Unlike most traps, this does no damage, it only hold the player still for 3 seconds. The stuck player can still shoot and look around. This gives William a perfect opportunity to snipe the target.

Supergun (Ability 4) Edit

William puts on a battery to his weapon, and it now works like a minigun for 8 seconds. It does huge closeby damage, and not so much on the range. This totally switches his playstyle and can be a little hard for players to use, but it can really get the job done.

Skins Edit