Truls is an damage hero with 200 HP.

"Science is the key to victory!"


Truls grew up in Oslo, Norway. He's been through a lot of pain as a test subject for some scientists, but managed to escape. He has already had revenge on the scientists. He worked for Blirfwatch, but his current state is unknown. He discovered a way to put lightning in pullets to chock people even more. He lost his leg at the scientists place. He is only 20 years old.


Electric Revolver (Primary)

Truls uses a revolver to shoot electric bullets. They are very quick and do hitscan damage. They have a 5% chance to stun the enemy. They do significant headshot damage.It has 6 shots and then reloads.

Sparker (Passive)

When Truls gets eliminated, he leaves some lightning that stun people.

Electrokick (Ability 1)

Truls does a kick and pushes the enemy away, also doing some significant damage. However this is a very close ranged ability.

Blinkzap (Ability 2)

Truls blinks forward.

Thunderbeam (Ability 3)

Truls shoots a beam that goes for 3 seconds. It has quite a long range and does significant damage. It does not stun.

Thunderstorm (Ultimate Ability)

Truls goes into ragemode and starts up a storm over the whole map. Big lightnings struck down every now and then, aiming on players doing bigger damage. But also small thunderbits fly around everywhere and do smaller damage. This ultimate ability goes on forever until Truls is eliminated, however, everyone can see through walls to see Truls position until he's killed. Truls also goes down from 200 to 150 hp. He can not restore these 150 hp until he gets eliminated.

He can still use his other abilities and start shooting once he has set up the storm, which takes around 2 seconds. This ability can be countered with healers to make sure noone dies. But if the storm knocks down the healers, then it is a very powerful ultimate, which can change up the whole game.


Common Skins (75 B-Coins)

Epic Skins (250 B-Coins)

Legendary Skins (1000 B-Coins)