The Queen is a damage hero with 250 HP.

Story Edit


"Kill or be killed."

The Queen is very known for leading Skullgang. Skullgang is the a bad gang that kills and destroys for different causes. She is Shawn's mother. No one knows The Queens name, not even the members or Shawn. No one knows who the father is of Shawn. She works well with poison.

Personality Edit

She is very coldhearted. Many suspect she has a dark reason to kill people. She never shows emotion.

Abilities Edit

Deadly Hands (Primary) Edit

The Queen shoots a beam that is able to lock on to enemies so she doesn't have to aim. This lock-on radius is pretty small, she can't just look at an enemy, she has to shoot close to them. It's a damage over time ability. She has 3 stages, that only affect how much damage she deals. She can only go down on stages if she doesn't damage anyone with her primary.

Refreshing Poison (Passive) Edit

There are some other characters that can use poison. Poison from enemies only heals The Queen that damage.

Poison Body (Ability 1) Edit

This is an ability that lasts for 5 seconds. If someone melee attacks The Queen, they will be poisoned.

Poison Bomb (Ability 2) Edit

The Queen throws a big and noticable projectile. When it lands on the ground it pops and poison smokes around a small radius where the bomb landed. If somone is or walks into that area they will be poisoned.

Nightwalker (Ability 3) Edit

The Queen turns invisible and starts running for a small while.

Bubble Bath (Ultimate) Edit

The Queen pops a bigger area which is poisonous. It lasts for 7 seconds. The Queen also shoots poison instead of damaging.

Skins Edit

Common Skins (75 B-Coins) Edit

Epic Skins (250 B-Coins) Edit

Legendary Skins (1000 B-Coins) Edit