Shay is a ninja, damage character with 200 HP.

Story Edit

Shay grew up in Japan, and learned about being shifty and shady. He joined Blirfwatch, for unkown purposes. But he never listens to commands, but is still kept to the gang.


"Through the shadows, the impacting choices are made."

Abilities Edit

Spiky Katana (Primary) Edit

Shay has a long katana that pierces through enemies and deals big damage, but swings slowly.

Silent Shadow (Passive) Edit

If Shay stands still for over 3 seconds and undamaged he turns invisible. If he moves this ability is canceled.

Imposter Dash (Ability 1) Edit

Shay dashes forward and is invisible for 2 seconds to escape, he also leaves a copy of himself where he dashed from, so that it looks like shay is still in the same position. The copy remains for 3 seconds and only looks around.

Katana Jump (Ability 2) Edit

Shay slashes his katana upwards and jumps up, This slash deals a lot of damage but usually you don't have enemies above you so it's mostly for mobility.

Throwing Katana (Ability 3) Edit

Shay throws his Katana

Double Lenghts (Passive) Edit

Shay's katana doubles in lenght and is really long and kan reach far distances.