Mr. Cannon is a damage character with 210 HP.

Story Edit


"Ahoy, my mates!"

Mr. Cannon is a man from Italy that joined Blirfwatch to hunt down some his hatred targets: Julia, Truls and William.

Abilities Edit

Hand Cannons (Primary) Edit

Mr. Cannon shoots cannonballs from his Hand Cannons. Mr. Cannon doesn't shoot from both cannons at the same time, first the left cannon and then the right cannon.

The cannonballs does not pierce, and pushes enemies back a bit while damaging them.

Faster Surgery (Passive) Edit

Mr. Cannon's healing recieved is multiplied by 1.5.

Triple Threat (Ability 1) Edit

Mr. Cannon shoots 3 cannonballs from each cannon.

Pirate's Shield (Ability 2) Edit

Mr. Cannon recieves 100 temporary shieldpoints.

Raging Cannongears (Ability 3) Edit

Mr. Cannons throws 2 piercing cannonballs with high damage.

Mr. Canonas (Ultimate) Edit

Mr. Cannon's Hand Cannons merge into a flying projectile that Mr. Cannon controls. It flies around and attacks enemies.