Markus is a healer with 210 HP.

Story Edit


"I'll watch over you all, hehe."

Markus from Norway, was one to invent mechanical eyes with artificial intelligence. He grew closer to these eyes and now they are connected as one. He joined Skullgang to try his powers and make a difference. However Skullgang is considered an evil team, so his reasons for choosing Skullgang are unknown.

Abilities Edit

Void Eyes & Mechanical Arms (Primary) Edit

Markus has two void eyes around him that flies around and heals team-mates. They have 75 HP and when killed they respawn after 7 seconds.

Markus also has hands that shoots hurting beams.

Void Eye Reports (Passive) Edit

When Void Eyes spots an enemy they report the location to Markus.

Power Send (Ability 1) Edit

Markus sends over his powers from his hands to the Void Eyes. They will emerge and start both healing and damaging everything around them. This ability stays for 5 seconds. Markus can only melee attack while powerless.

Power Recieve (Abilty 2) Edit

Markus' Void Eyes sends their powers to Markus and becomes useless. Markus shoots big beams that both heal and damage.

Void Explosion (Ability 3) Edit

Markus' Void Eyes self destruct and two explosions of healing and damaging beams get shot around.

Watching Trio (Ultimate) Edit

Markus' Void Eyes recieve bodies. One of them heals and one of them damages. One of Markus' hands do healing and the other damage. This ability stays for 20 seconds.