Kim is an damage hero with 200 HP


"We have a lot of work to do, let's get started!"

Story Edit

Kim is Foxi's sister,. She likes things about Japan, Korea and China. She likes to watch cartoons and anime, she also loves Fith Harmonys and Camilla Cabelo. She can be forgetful and clumsy. She is very happy and innocent but can also get mad. She has a dark past that she hides from everyone.

Kim is a part of Cyborgia.

Abilities Edit

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"Ha!" Gear Shot

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Gear Shot (Primary) Edit

Kim shoots heating gears that have medium size. They go in medium speed, and she shoots in a medium speedrate.

Sparker (Passive) Edit

When Kim get's eliminated she she drops a bunch of lightning which can stun enemies. This is the same passive ability as Truls passive ability.

Heatleap (Ability 1) Edit

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"Upwards!" Heatleap

Kim takes a leap upwards, giving her some sight. She goes up quite far. She has no ability that is quite fitting to use in the air, so it's mainly used to get mobility and surprise attack. She can use this ability to defeat flying enemies if she uses her Iron Cog on the enemy.

There is a cone of fire around her, that deals damage. The damage however is low.

Iron Cog (Ability 2) Edit


"Right in your face!" Iron Cog.

Kim uses a meele attack with her left hand. It does significant damage.

Forget (Ability 3) Edit

Kim shoots a quite big but slow ball. If it hits anyone they will get the "Glitch" Effect.

If somone is glitched, they basically die but respawn where they got glitched. They will respawn after 5 seconds. Basically this ability lets Kim make somone dissapear for a moment. Nobody will be able to heal, damage or see the glitched player. However there is a small explosion of colours that do no damage, to show people where the glitched hero will respawn.

Flamestar (Ultimate) Edit

Kim releases a small sized aura around here, that deals huge damage. She speeds up a little and her purpose while ulting is to walk into enemies to hurt them.
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"You need a timeout!" Forget


"Watch out, this cyborg is ready to kill!" Flamestar

Skins Edit

Common Skins (75 B-Coins) Edit

Epic Skins (250 B-Coins) Edit

Legendary Skins (1000 B-Coins) Edit