Julia is a tank character with 400 HP or 1000 Shield Points, depending on which mode she is in.

Story Edit


"Look at this team, we're gonna do great!"

Julia is Williams sister. She is a new recruit. She joined now that William is the leader of blirfwatch. She trained boxing as fast as she joined Blirfwatch. She wants to protect William in the battle.

Abilities Edit

Boxing Gloves (Primary) Edit

Julia does melee, attacking punches. Compared to most melee weapons, Julia is able to do headshot damage. Her usual damage is quite low but when she punches someone in the face she deals medium damage. Her punches also push enemies back a small bit. She first punches with her left hand, then right, then left, ongoing.

Heavy Armor (Passive) Edit

Julia can be stunned and affected in many ways, but no one can move her, this means that Julia can never be booped off cliffs or other edges.

Protect (Ability 1) Edit

This ability has a medium cooldown. Julia can switch health bar into Shield Points. When she in her Protect mode, she basically has 1000 HP Instead. Nothing can heal shield points, and the only way for her shield to regenerate is if she hasn't been damaged by 10 seconds. She also grows in size a bit, to be able to body-block bullets to save her teammates. Julia can't regenerate Shield Points unless she's in Protect mode.

When Julia has no shield points left, her shield breaks and she cannot use the ability again for 20 seconds.

Forwarded Punch (Ability 2) Edit

Julia moves forward while waiting to hit an enemy with a punch that deals much damage. If she doesn't hit anyone while charging forward for 2 seconds she stops charging. Therefore this ability can be used for mobility, but not so much. This punch knocks the enemy back a medium distance.

Impact Punches (Ability 3) Edit

Julia digs moves lower down and has her legs stuck in the ground. In this mode, she deals double damage, but can't move. This ability can be canceled.

Deadly Strike (Ultimate) Edit

Both hands gain a purple mist. When she punches with a specific hand, the mist goes away. The mist makes the damage 3 times higher. This means that Julia can do 2 punches that do 3 times higher damage. She can punch whenever she wants which means that she isn't forced to deal any damage with this ultimate. This also means that Julia can die with her ultimate used but nothing has happened, therefore she should try to punch enemies before people might target her.

Skins Edit

Common Skins (75 B-Coins) Edit


Epic Skins (250 B-Coins) Edit


Legendary Skins (1000 B-Coins) Edit