Hunter is a damage character with 200hp that uses bow and arrows. Part of Skullgang.

Story Edit


Hunter Wellington is from Texas in USA and is a part of Skullgang. His intentions are unknown, but it is known that he has no family member living.

Abilities Edit

Strikebow (Primary 1) Edit

Hunter shoots arrows which deals boring body-damage but if hit in the head does significant damage. Depending on how far back he pulls the arrow the arrow deals more damage and flies faster.

Stab (Primary 2) Edit

If Hunter ends up in a very close-ranged battle, Hunter can choose to melee attack with his arrow, not dealing so much damage.

Double Jump (Passive) Edit

Hunter can double-jump.

Easy Heals (Ability 1) Edit

Hunter heals 50 hp over 2 seconds. He can move, shoot and do anything under these 2 seconds.

Missile Arrow (Ability 2) Edit

Hunter shoots a homing arrow that follows enemies slightly. It is possible to dodge. It explodes after 4 seconds. It does significant damage. it is very slow and you can shoot it in the air to break it.

Glitch Arrow (Ability 3) Edit

Hunter shoots an arrow that inflicts the enemy with the "Glitch" Effect. The player dies for 5 seconds but then respawns at the same place that it was it, meaning the enemy just vanishes from the game for 5 seconds. This is a slow projectile.

Destructive Rocket (Ultimate) Edit

Hunter shoots a big rocket, destructing everything in it's way. It flies quite far. It deals significant damage.

Skins Edit

Common Skins (75 B-Coins) Edit

Epic Skins (250 B-Coins) Edit

Legendary Skins (1000 B-Coins) Edit