Heator is a tank character with 400 HP.

Story Edit

Heator was built by Truls among Freezor. Heator escaped and join Skullgang to hunt Freezor down.

Abilities Edit

Flame Cannons (Primary) Edit

Heator shoots flames that gives people "Fire" effect. The enemy will recieve damage over time and become faster.

Overheat (Passive)Edit

When Heator is under 100 HP it becomes really warm and any melee attack returns a bit of the damage.

Flamewall (Ability 1) Edit

Heator places a big wall of fire that if enemies walk through it they will catch on fire and recieve a lot of damage.

Burnup (Ability 2) Edit

Heator first damages 100 HP of his own, and then heals 300. Leading to 200 HP healed. This prevents Heator from using his ability to heal himself if he's below 100 HP as he will just die.

Flaming Touch (Ability 3) Edit

Heator gives a nearby team-mate the "Fire Touch" effect, meaning their attacks will make enemies catch on fire.

Smokescreen (Ultimate) Edit

Heator cleans his systems and lets smoke out of him that creates a big smokescreen, Heators team-mates can see through it.