Glitch Girl is a healer with 200 HP

Story Edit


"Because I don't care."

Franca Milotti is a 19 year old from Italy that joined Skullgang, maily because Ravage enlighted her about the "wonders" of Skullgang. It didn't take long for Franca to realize what Skullgang stood for, but she still had a reason to stay.

Glitch Girl loves to hack things and invent.

Abilities Edit

Dart Gun (Primary) Edit

Glitch Girl has a revolver with high fire rate.

Healing Signal (Passive) Edit

Glitch Girl is supportive, but does not provide with a lot of healing. Being around Glitch Girl will slowly heal you.

Friendly Transport (Ability 1) Edit

Glitch Girl can teleport to any team-mate she wants.

Radar (Ability 2) Edit

Glitch Girl throws her signature item. She can throw an invisible Radar on an enemy. They will not be able to know that they have been affected, but everyone in Skullgang will be able to see the location of the targeted enemy.

After 10 seconds the Radar will fall off, and the enemy will be notified that they were targeted. If misses the ability is wasted.

Signalizing Radar (Ability 3) Edit

Glitch Girl throws an object that stick to walls, ground, objects. When it's set up it will start signalizing the area. If an enemy steps within it only Glitch Girl will be notified and see them. Glitch Girl can also teleport to the Signalizing Radar.

Glitch Girl can detonate the Signalizing Radar, it does not deal damage but it creates a smokescreen.

G.L.I.T.C.H (Ultimate) Edit

Glitch Girl throws an object that creates a small area which gives everyone within the area the "Glitch" Effect.