Foxi is a damage hero with the ability to summon a fox. She has 225 HP.


Anaelle grew up with her parents in a forest. One day she went out in the woods and found a fox. Somehow it didn't


"Let's save the world, together!"

run away and it let her pet it. She befriended that fox and they became great pals. That was when her love for foxes were born. She started an animal healthcare and was a veterinarian for 3 years until she turned 21. Then she decided to join Blirfwatch where she made friends and made up her hero-name "Foxi". She is Kims sister, and their relation is quite unstable. Now she fights with her sharp sword for justice. The logo on her shirt is the logo from her fox her animal healthcare.


Foxi is a nice person, she's a little reserved but funny. If she doesn't like somone she will let them now, and she is uneasily entertained. She's also very sarcastic.


Bladeslash (Primary)

Foxi uses her short ranged sword. It is easy for her to hit enemies and do easy damage. Her fire rate is quite fast.

Fox Egg (Ability 1)

Foxi throws an egg that summons a fox. The fox has 75 hp and can do a lot of damage. Foxi can only have one fox alive at the time, the cooldown is quite big.

Barrier (Ability 2)

Foxi launches a projectile which that summons a shield. It does not have so much health, but compared to other shields, enemies cannot walk through this shield, and will be bounced back if they try to walk through it.

Forestblade (Ability 3)

Foxi slashes forward with her sword, being able to do a lot of damage. This attack is very shortranged and hard to hit with.

Wildlife (Ultimate Ability)

Foxi gets stunned for 2 seconds, and then turns into a fox herself for 10 seconds. Her fox will stand up on two legs. When the ability is used, both Foxi and the fox gets a huge boost. The fox mostly just gets more health, a faster hitrate and deals more damage. Foxi however gets a minor speedboost, and switches from using her sword to using her claws. They deal more damage and have a bigger hitbox. An important notice is that Foxi also grants X-RAY for the whole team and the whole team can see enemies through walls.


Common Skins (75 B-Coins)

Epic Skins (250 B-Coins)

Legendary Skins (1000 B-Coins)