Flipper is a damage hero with 200 HP that uses water as his advantage.

Story Edit

Luke Skymore is 20 years old and grew up by the sea. He connected with water and wants to help the world.



Abilities Edit

Water Gun (Primary Fire) Edit

Flipper shoots a beam of water. Deals low damage unless Aqualife is activated.

Aqualife (Passive) Edit

Flipper is highly stronger in water:

  • Damageboost +40%
  • Speed boost +80%
  • Damage Taken -5%
  • Infinite water for primary fire.

Upspeed (Ability 1) Edit

+70% Speed for a moment

Blinding Drop (Ability 2) Edit

Flipper shoots a fast water projectile that blinds enemies if headshot.

Tank Break (Ability 3) Edit

Flippers gun breaks and piercing water beams comes at random directions dealing high damage.

Titan (Ultimate) Edit

Flipper transform into the Titan of sea:

  • Flipper gets a throwable trident.
  • Flipper is faster in water but slower on ground.
  • Slowly constantly heals himself to stay alive.

Skins Edit

Common Skins (75 B-Coins) Edit

Epic Skins (250 B-Coins) Edit

Legendary Skins (1000 B-Coins)Edit