Connor is a damage dealer with 230 HP.

Story Edit


"I'll chain the evil to hell."

Connor from England was always interested in mechanics and armour. He joined Cyborgia to advance his knowledge, get funded in his projects and help the world.

Abilities Edit

Spiky Chains (Primary) Edit

Connor has two chains with spikeballs at the ends. He throws the chains around and hits enemies.

Deflecting Chains (Passive) Edit

Sometimes Connor can manage to hit back projectiles with his chains.

Absorbing Whips (Ability 1) Edit

Hitting people will heal give Connor shields that can be taken down.

Ground Whip (Ability 2) Edit

Connor slows down and then smashes down his chain to create an impact damage that will stun enemies for a very, very short period.

Enlength (Ability 3) Edit

Connor doubles the length of his whips.

Killing Machine (Ultimate) Edit

Connor reconstructs into a machine that has 8 spiky chains that will do a lot of damage. he can also fly a bit.