Bunnyhop is a support hero. She has 250 HP, and cannot heal herself. Therefore she needs another healer to protect her.


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"Teamwork makes the dreamwork!"

Bryony Adams comes from Leeds, England. She went to school to get an education to become a doctor. As a doctor, she stood out a lot from the rest and did an extremely good job. When Blirfwatch saw her skills, they asked her to be a doctor at their place. Soon they discovered more of her potential, and let her be in the battlefield. She made 2 shotguns, one that heals and one that shoots normal bullets.


Bunnyhop is a very sweet, nice and silly character, who shouldn't be underestimated.


Damaheal Shotguns (Primary)

Bunnyhop has two shotguns. One of the shoots healing bullets, that heals teammates. And the other shotgun shoots

damaging bullets on enemies. You cannot damage teammate or heal enemies. She first shoots with her damaging shotgun, and then the healing shotgun with a 1 second interval. She has no reload limit, she can shoot forever. This is a close-ranged weapon. Since she is a support hero, her damaging shotguns doesn't do as high damage as you could think.

Healing Grave (Passive)

When Bunnyhop gets eliminated, she drops an aura around her corpse. It lats for 4

seconds, and heals 25 HP per second.

Rage (Ability 1)

Rage lasts for 5 seconds, and it speeds up her primary fire. Instead of having a 1 second interval

between the shots, she has 0.5. Which let her shoot a lot faster.

Glass Barrier (Ability 2)

Bunnyhop gets a personal shield for 5 seconds, however it is no ordinary barrier.

She takes -20% damage, and cannot be stunned, moved or pulled

Healing Heart (Ability 3)

Bunnyhop drops a healing hart on the ground. Enemies can see it too, but cannot use it. When a teammate takes it, they will be healed with 300 HP. This ability has quite a long cooldown.

Damaheal Rush (Ultimate)

This is an ability that goes for 8 Seconds, and makes both shotguns start spraying healing and damage nonstop. Both damage and heals are weakened to not make this ability too overpowered. She slowly healsherself in this ability too.


Common Skins (75 B-Coins)

Epic Skins (250 B-Coins)

Legendary Skins (1000 B-Coins)