Blake is a skullgang member, with 450, 500, 700 or 400 HP, depending on what form he's in.

Story Edit


"Blake will transform for the perfect way to kill everyone."

Nobody knows who Blake is, other than his name, which he likes to shout out. They say only William knows his backstory, and therefore Blake wants him dead.

Abilities Edit

Barbing Cogs (Primary) Edit

Blake shoots cogs that deals 50 damage over 2 seconds. He has 20 ammo clips.

Raining Aftermath (Passive) Edit

If Blake is killed, Barbing Cogs will rain over his corpse.

Rocket Form (Ability 1) Edit

Blake transforms into a rocket that can fly upwards. Deals area damage if hits anyone in the air. (no cooldown)

Compact Form (Ability 2) Edit

Blake transforms into a shorter and fatter armouring. He is slower, but deals more damage and has more health.

Tall Form (Ability 3) Edit

Blake transforms into a taller, wider but thinner armouring. He is faster and deals less damage, and has less health. This ability is good for taking shots and protecting team-mates.

Disfunction (Ultimate) Edit

Blake's transformable armour explodes in a huge radius and deals medium damage. Blake still keeps his armored hands, and fights with them for 10 seconds until his armour redeploys.